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The evolution of
the online MSDS
Chemical Suppliers

CADS provides web-based applications for multilingual MSDS authoring and distribution. Publish your safety data sheets to the world in standard PDF or HTML formats using only your browser with no software to buy or install.

Manufacturing Industry

Let us web-enable your end-user material safety data sheets and safety labels with on-site or completely managed off-site services. Our resident experts manage all of your MSDS entry and tracking needs.


Presenting the affordable Web-Based MSDS management solution. Now your customers can obtain the latest MSDS of your product easily. CADS has the only solution that allows you to Control, Access, Distibute and Simplify the full spectrum of MSDS generation.

How information is distributed is your decision.
  • Enter the data yourself into our state of the art Web-based application,
  • or send us copies of your MSDS and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Our high availability servers are monitored around the clock to ensure that your MSDS's are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • All information is fully searchable using simple searches and more advanced where used methods.
  • You can even generate standard or customized reports securely, using our web-based application service.
    Your MSDS's are easily disributed in a number of ways.
  • Through your intranet with a private website connected to your firewall.
  • Publically available via your external web site.
  • E-mailed directly in standard PDF format.
  • Faxed directly from the web.
  • Via a customized application created to run on your PC
  • Data Sheets are simultaneously available in ANSI, OSHA and WHMIS formats in multiple languages.
  • Generate and print labels directly from your website.
  • Your MSDS's are all in the same uniform format.
  • Standard clearly understandable phrases are used throughout.
  • No software to buy or install...ever.
  • The CADS advantage

    Some services just scan your MSDS's onto a web page. This creates the equivalent of an electronic photocopy of your data sheets with no additional benefits. Our exclusive technology using a relational dictionary-based MSDS database gives you many advantages:

  • Small file size for nearly instant downloads, even over slow connections.
  • Data sheets are simple to search through.
  • Generate a wide variety of standard and custom reports to assist you in your compliance needs.
  • Data sheets can be updated easily and inexpensively without re-scanning from scratch. Global changes are a snap!
  • Data sheets are available in multiple languages.
  • Your MSDS's are consistent and uniform using standard or custom formats of your own design.
  • Version control - We keep your old versions archived for auditing purposes.
  • Save Money and Resources

    Your costs remain fixed no matter how many MSDS requests you process. Free your staff to concentrate on your core business instead of chasing after MSDS requests.

    Untangle your MSDS mess today!