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We offer a complete product with many benefits:

Time & cost saving

We take control of your MSDS's so your staff can concentrate on other health & safety issues. Our experienced staff and our innovative software enables you save time and to significantly cut your current cost for managing MSDS's.

Fully customizable

We customize the appearance of the MSDS site for a seamless integration with your Intranet or web site. MSDS's, labels and reports are fully customizable to fit your needs. If you have any additional features that you would like us to implement, please let us know and we will generally include it in your site at no extra cost.

Uniform & compliant

Our professional team takes the MSDS's and enters them into a database so that all of your MSDS's are uniform and meet the necessary regulatory requirements of OSHA, WHMIS and EU Regulations. We ensure that your workers have a clear and compliant MSDS to work with.


The MSDS web access is easy to use and requires little training. With a few clicks of your mouse you will have access to the most up-to-date MSDS or label.

Easily Accessible

Since our state-of-the-art system uses web technology it is easy for your customers or employees to access your MSDS's. No additional software is required and there is nothing to install. All that the end-users require is a web browser and PDF viewer, which are both free and standard in most companies. There is also no need for costly software upgrades - all upgrades are done free of charge on our servers.


By tuning our servers to only listen for your company's unique IP gateway addresses, we ensure that your Intranet MSDS site is truly for your eyes only. You also have the option of having your site password protected or, if it is meant to be a public site, completely open to external browser clients.


Our service is perfect for any international company. Thanks to our expertise, CADS is able to offer MSDS's in multiple formats meeting WHMIS, OSHA and EU standards. MSDS' can be created in English, French, Spanish and many other languages.