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Let us simplify your MSDS Management

If your business is like most, Managing your Material Safety Data Sheets places a major commitment on your staff's time and resources. Most often the organization is not able to meet these obligations as much as they would like. CADS MSDS Management takes this burden away, allowing your company to concentrate on its core business functions.

The CADS system makes it easier to distribute your MSDS to your customer from your company web page. Or you can use the CADS system internally to keep your work force up to date with the latest MSDS from the corporate Intranet page. Since CADS is a web based solution, there is no software to buy and the set-up is easy.

The Material Safety Data Sheets are uniform and compliant, meeting all local, provincial/state, regional, and federal regulations. Workplace right to know or supplier labels can be generated to identify unmarked hazardous containers. Web based applications and compliance reports are available to help you meet your compliance needs.

Contact us today and find out what CADS can do for you!