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We specialize in accommodating all types of industries and needs. From authoring an SDS for a single product, to managing Health & Safety for large volume facilities with multiple locations...

CADS does it all.

Authoring & Translations

Web-based SDS Management

GHS Consultation

Cross-facility Health and Safety Management

More than a Database

Unlike other SDS management solutions & services, CADS is non-automated, meaning we have real people working for you.
When you choose CADS, you're outsourcing all of your Safety Data Management needs, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

We make it easy and cost-effective

CADS provides a quick implementation process. Our Questionnaire will enable us to determine the type of services needed and provide pricing based on those services.

Our clients have the benefit of accessing all required compliance and chemical management data from one single online database that is fully maintained.

At any time, anywhere, your employees will have access to your company's web-based SDS link from any desktop, phone or tablet.

Furthermore, CADS will index a variety of fields, making our software easy to navigate and search.

A truly customizable service

With the assistance of our in-house software developer, we will listen and collaborate with you to develop our software, services and documentation to fit your preferences and needs.

Moreover, the interface and service strategies can be assessed regularly as your company's requirements change.

CADS offers a variety of customized SDS management solutions:

  • Website interface
  • SDS content and layout (while meeting requirements)
  • Label content and layouts (while meeting requirements)
  • Splash Sheets
  • Workplace Safety Instruction Cards

Need more? Just ask!

More than 25 years of expertise

CADS's expertise in regulatory compliance and documentation management has made us a leader in the industry. We are the leading provider in sustainable solutions that help improve employee safety, streamline SDS management and provide various SDS services to clients in . Canada, the United States and Europe.

CADS is unique in its ability to offer a combined SDS that can meet the requirements of both Canada and the US. Our in-house translator (English, French and Spanish) makes it possible for your company to meet language requirements and federal regulations.

We lead in Environmental Health and Safety Compliance (EHS) management. CADS specializes in both GHS and WHMIS 2015. Canadian specific regulations such as Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and Domestic Substance List (DSL) are also included.

You will get full-time access to our consulting experts along with a team of trained professionals that will source, author, translate and verify each detail to ensure guaranteed accuracy.

Don't just take our word for it...

"The team at CADS makes maintaining our SDSs so much quicker and easier. They are a pleasure to deal with and always respond to my requests efficiently and effectively. Even my last minute projects are handled with a sense of urgency providing customer satisfaction that can't be beat! Thank you!"
"Trench has been using CADS for more than 5 years for managing its Safety Data Sheets. It is a web-based solution that allows easy access for all functions within the organization. CADS offers quick and efficient technical support which is important to stay compliant on both legal and corporate requirements. They are also flexible and can cater to any customization needs of the organization. I highly recommend CADS to organizations who have the same needs as Trench."